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  • Each guitar will be auctioned off on the Ebay account of each individual builder, once the build series have finished on YouTube, 100% of the proceeds will go to each builders charity of choice (minus Ebay fees).  We will be as transparent as possible and publish the amounts that each guitar raises in the raffles.  We will also show proof of the funds received by each charity in due time.


  • The voting polls will be held on this website, and each guitar will have it's own page so that you can donate towards one particular charity to support one Maker move closer to winning, or you may want to donate towards a couple of charities as you might have multiple favourites. 

  • The voting and donation platform will begin as soon as the final videos go live on YouTube on Friday 4th September and will end on Saturday 12th September.  The overall winner of this build challenge will be announced on Saturday 26th September.

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