How this all started...

So this began when Matt and Chris, of Texas Toast Guitars posted a video, in March, about doing a Guitar Building Challenge and asked their Patreon members to suggest people to do this with. There was a surprising number of people suggesting Crimson Guitars and, thankfully, some of our mutual followers let us know.

(It's a long video so start at 19:42 for the original challenge.)

This lead to Ben calling Matt out on Instagram, and some heated banter in the DM's :)

All in good fun...

On to a rather lengthy long distance phone call where the initial plans for the challenge were hashed out. It's been a while in development, but we are very please to announce the first YouTubers to accept the Challenge:

  • Brad Angove

  • Dan from Guns and Guitars

  • Tamar Hannah from 3x3 Custom

  • Phillip McKnight from Know Your Gear

  • Darrell from Braun Guitar

  • and the one and only Jimmy Diresta!

We can't wait for you all to get involved. This is going to be EPIC!

So stay safe, stay Awesome and keep making sawdust!

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