We have gathered 8 amazing guitar builders and YouTube creators from the UK and USA.  Each challenger has sent one of Crimson Guitars high end luthiers kits, which is to be customised and completed in any way the builder wishes.

All Makers will release, on Friday 4th September, at least one video on their YouTube channel to showcase the build.  Builders can release as many videos of the build progress as they like on their own channels and these videos will also be available to view on the builders pages on this website.

  • Each guitar will be auctioned off on the Ebay account of each individual builder, once the build series have finished on YouTube, 100% of the proceeds will go to each builders charity of choice (minus Ebay fees).  We will be as transparent as possible and publish the amounts that each guitar raises in the raffles.  We will also show proof of the funds received by each charity in due time.


  • Voting will take place on this website in the form of donations to each Challengers chosen charity.  Each guitar will have it's own page so that you can donate towards one particular charity to support one Maker, or you may want to donate towards a couple of charities as you might have multiple favourites. Every donation will be truly appreciated and will also count towards the final votes.

  • Voting will also take place on Instagram @greatguitarbuildoff   (This challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by, or associated with Instagram.). We will be posting official photos of each guitar and the number of likes collected by each post in a period of 7 days will count towards the final votes.

  • The voting and donation platform will begin as soon as the final videos go live on YouTube on Friday 4th September and will end on Saturday 12th September.  The overall winner of this build challenge will be announced on Saturday 26th September.

We feel this will be an entertaining distraction from the current global situation, as well as a way help a bunch of great causes while creating some incredible content.


Crimson Guitars will be sponsoring the event by covering the cost of all of the kits that will be involved.  We are asking you to get involved and give up your precious time for great causes and an opportunity to win “The Great Charity Build Off”.


The videos and photographs of each guitar, along with the builders biography and social links will be displayed on the website from the 4th of September. 

  • The overall winner of this challenge will be decided by comparing the money raised in donations to the makers charity, minus some kind of handicap based on how many views each challengers guitar reveal video receives within a 7 day period. 

  • This is to ensure a level playing field and add a little bit more fun.. in the end we are looking for an awesome guitar  that the public want to own and talk about.

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