What you need to do as a contender.

1st Feb go to GGBO website and enter. There will be 2 competitions, a Kit Build and a scratch build with a larger proportion of the prize pool going to the Scratch build. The prize is bigger but the risk is Higher 

When you have entered you will be sent an application form which will be required to be filled out and sent back, you will need to put your social media details including Instagram account and YouTube Channel. There will be a short about you biography section which will be sent to the judges. It is important to put your contact details here, we will need to be able to contact you during the competition.

There will be a £25 entrance fee per competition which is for administration and to allow us to run the competition. The competition would not be made possible without this. 

The YouTube Final video will need to be a maximum 15-minute video and you must produce one Video with a maximum of six. You will also need to submit 5 Photos showcasing your build. Do not worry Ben will be releasing a video on how to create a Guitar YouTube video and take perfect photos of your guitar.

The first round of judging will be a public vote, this will take place on GGBO website, a shortlist of 10 from each competition will be submitted to our judges.

The judges will receive a link to the entrant’s Bio, final video and social along with 5 showcase photos and will choose the winners from the shortlist. 

We will create a final video announcing the finalists of the GGBO and will be posted on our channel. 

The winner of next years competition will get to build alongside the Great Guitar Build Off Invitational Competitors 

The Great guitar build off will be starting its journey to help disadvantaged Luthiers to realise their goals of building stunning instruments. To make this possible we need your help. We will be taking donations throughout the competition on the Great Guitar Build off where 100% of proceeds will go to providing materials and courses for successful applicants to the fund.

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